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Oh my, it's been how long since I've blogged??!?! This is a quick blog, but I promise I have good reason as to why I have not been blogging!

In celebration from the sale the last 2 days, an instagram milestone, and a few personal milestones, I have placed every item in my store on sale for $1 (except my geography bundle, which is now 50% off!)!!!!! If you buy 3 items, please send me an e-mail ( stating your TPT name and any other item in my store that you would like for free and I will e-mail it to you!!!! This sale will only last for 24 hours!!!!!! Get your back to school shop on!! =))))

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

2nd Grade Product Swap!

Welcome to the second grade product swap and blog hop!  EIGHTEEN wonderful second grade bloggers have joined together to swap and review each other's products.  Best of all, we are giving away all of the products to one lucky winner!  

If you are looking for the start of the hop, head over to see Casey at Second Grade Math Maniac to start hopping.  As you check out all the fabulous products, make sure to follow each blog on Bloglovin' as well.  There will be a Rafflecopter at the last stop.  This is where you can enter to win all of the products being reviewed!
I had the pleasure of getting to review Ashley Schroeder's Reading Response Flip Flap Books- Common Core Aligned.  Ashely's pack comes with a bunch of great flip flap books for an easy and super quick reading comprehension check for the kiddos to use with any text, fiction or nonfiction.  Ashley was amazing and even labeled the books for how they are aligned to the Common Core: RL.2.1, RL.2.5, RL.2.7, R.I.2.2, RI.2.3, RI.2.6

She has gray chevron and black and white versions of the following:
Sequencing with first, next, etc.
Story ElementsMain Idea and Details
Sequencing the beginning, middle, and end.
Making Connections
Asking and Answering Questions
Retelling with somebody, wanted, but, so, then
Author's Purpose

Since we had bench mark testing, and a ton of assemblies, a long with a different schedule due to the older grades MCAS testing, we were only able to fit in one of the flap books, but I can't wait to use the rest of them!
We used the Sequencing Flip Flap books for our Daily 5 Read to Self books.  They used their Work on Writing time to work on the books.  I was with my group, so I had the literacy teacher snap some pictures!  The kids loved that it was a fun activity, yet it allowed for me to assess their sequencing skills and another way to ensure that they really were reading their books in Read to Self.  

I had the students write the Beginning, Middle, and End and then later had them go back and illustrate their sentences.  This was such a fun, quick, and easy assessment for my kids!  They loved creating the flaps by cutting the lines.  I also found a little nugget making their own during indoor recess out of construction paper!


Be sure to check out Ashley's Flip Flap Books, and her store in general! Her and her products are exceptional! =)

Also, be sure to check out my TPT Store this week! I'm having a sale all week in honor of the Swap and Rafflecopter Giveaway!!!!

Thanks for hopping!
The next stop is The Educated Crown!

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Congratulations to Alison L.! She is the winner of my giveaway!

Thank you to all of you that participated!

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100 Follower Giveaway!!!!!

I have reached 100 followers on Bloglovin'!!!!!! I am having a giveaway this week and the winner will get to choose any 3 products from my store!!! Be sure to Like my facebook page, and my blog for your chance to win!!

Guest Blogger!!!!!

Today I'll be over at The Teacher's Chair guest blogging about behavior management!!!! Be sure to stop by and check out my post as well as Tracey's Awesome Stella & Dot giveaway!!!!!!!

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Sweet Second Grade Savings Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy weekend everyone!  Your favorite second grade bloggers are back, this time with sweet savings for you.  We have gotten together to form a dollar sale linky party!  Each blogger will be adding 2-4 products to the link up below that will be on sale for ONE DOLLAR now through Sunday night.  Come Monday morning, all of the products will go back to their regular price, so make sure to grab them while you can!

Here's what you will find for one dollar in my store, this weekend only:
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and one of my newest products  Telling Time Scoot.

At the end of this post, you will find previews and links for all of the items on sale for one dollar.  Click on the links below and you will be taken directly to the TpT store where the products can be found to add to your cart.  We hope you can find everything you need for the upcoming month(s).  Happy shopping!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miss Alaineus: Vocabulary Parade!

Hello All!

I am still working on my New England blogger meet up post, but I wanted to blog about this first!

In grade 2, we are embarking on a new annual adventure... a Vocabulary Parade! If you've read Debra Frasier's book, Miss Alaineus, then you know what I'm talking about.  In this story, there is a vocabulary parade, where the students have a word and they have to dress up as their word.  We are having the kids complete this project at home, with some in school check-ins.  They have their rough drafts of three clues and their word's definition due tomorrow.  I cannot wait to see what clues they come up with! One of my ELL students brought her clues in today: 1.  I help people. 2.  I have a red cross on me.  3.  I go woo woo woo.  Did you figure it out yet? She's an ambulance! I died! I loved the creativity that went into her last clue.  Their final drafts for clues are due next Friday, with costumes due 2 weeks after.  We are then having the students participate in a parade across our cafeteria's stage where the audience can guess what word they are!  Vocabulary is a part of my goal this year, so this fits perfectly! The whole point was for them to choose a word they did not know and become an expert of the word.  I am loving the little's excitement with this assignment and cannot, CANNOT wait to see them in costume!

You can watch a video on the parade on Debra Frasier's website here! If you join in on the vocabulary parade fun, be sure to send pictures to  I'd love to feature it on here!

I also have a couple new TPT products posted! Check them out!

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