Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comparing Numbers, INB, and One Mummy

Hi All!

I am really trying to keep up with this blog, but boy is it tough!  I don't know how all of those super great bloggers do it, and most of them have kids!

Anywhoooo- We have been working on comparing numbers and even and odd numbers.  We even worked in our Interactive Notebooks TWO DAYS this week, and it's only Tuesday!  I am proud of myself for having them get this done!  It's a goal of mine to get them using them more often.

We took some 2-column notes on greater than, less than, and equal to.  We also used these adorable odd and even hands to do a much needed review on odd and even numbers.

We used my comparison alligators from my TPT, which you can find  *here*  to compare numbers. The kids LOVE these. The littles also used strips of paper as an impromptu activity to compare their own numbers that they created using GIANT foam dice from the dollar tree.


I also, sort of, finished my Halloween door to my classroom (I change it up monthly)!  

I hope you all of having a great week!! Be sure to come back on Friday for another Friday Fall Freebie!


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