Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Fall Freebie #1!!!!!

Hi All!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog hop!!! I hope you enjoy your freebie! Don't forget to check back every Friday in the month of October to snag some great freebies from some amazing bloggers!

We have been doing A LOT of retelling in room 202 because I am piloting new units from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  The first unit was on Realistic Fiction and I just about surgically implanted story elements and retelling into my littles' heads.  Here is a fall themed Retelling Map to use as a part of a lesson, as a reading check, to send home with reading logs, or to do with what you please!  I hope you enjoy it!  It will only be free for the weekend, so hurry and grab it now!! Please leave feedback on the product as well! Thank you in advance, and enjoy!

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The next stop on the blog hop is Adventures in 2nd Grade! Have fun!!!!


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