Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Link Up! Show Us Your Read Alouds!

Hi, All! I am linking up with Tracey at The Teacher's Chair for a link up about Back to School Read Alouds!!  I am super excited to get back to school and meet my new kiddos and dig right into learning! On the first day of school, I read Wemberly Worried to the class.  We have a class discussion about things that we have been worried about and we add our worries on chart paper.  I then have the students complete their first writing sample for me, in which they complete "I feel worried when..." and then they can draw a picture to go along with it.  I have the students cut these out and then we hang them up as our first activity!  This is a great way to see what worries the kiddos and it helps me assess their first day of school writing!  The kids love the story (some have heard it, some have not)!  They also feel more comfortable sharing their worries because they can relate to Wemberly in the story.  You can grab my back to school Wemberly packet here!

I also plan to read My Mouth is a Volcano during the first week of school.  It deals with interrupting and yelling out.  I love the idea of using this to hopefully deter some of the yelling out!  I find that stories and their messages usually stick with most students!  You can grab that here!  The hair-less face looks kind of funny, but I swear it looks super cute when the students draw in the hair and personalize it!!

I am interested to see what everyone else reads!!


  1. Hi Furnell. I like your Wemberly Worried activity. I might just have to borrow that activity because I like it so much!