Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun Day, Awards, and Last Day...Oh My!

Hello, All!
Now that school (and my M.Ed~ Yay!) has come to an end, I am going to try to keep up with this blog and see if this is something I can do!  I think I can, I think I can!

The last month of school was crazy hectic!  We had MAPs testing, Fun Day, Class Awards, and then the last day (sigh..).  We had a ton of fun jam packed into such a short time!  Let's start with Fun Day!  I LOVE Fun Day!  The kiddos get to be kids, step away from the testing, and let loose!  We have all sorts of activities, complete with a bouncy house/obstacle course.  It was such a great day! We had slush, cookies, and had tons of fun!  I can't wait until next year already!

 I created these super cute t's for my babies to wear for Fun Day and the last day of school from *here. *Our classroom theme is owls...That's a whole entirely different post for a different day, which will be coming soon!

Oh, and here's me in my Fun Day gear! Love the sun glasses from Claire's (and they were only $5)!

Moving onto the last day of school... Yes, I cried.  This is a day that I feel comes way too quickly.  It snuck up on me last year, so I swore I'd be ready this year!  I started packing up and putting things away that I did not need in April!  Everyone thought I was crazy, but my system worked! I was all ready to go and had everything put away except for necessities before the last week of school!  The kids were great helpers with this!  Even though a few of my students drove me crazy and gave me grey hair (I've told them this countless times), I knew I was going to miss them dearly.  I formed a lot of great relationships and bonds with my students this year, causing for an emotional day!  I wanted to give my kiddos a great send-off, so we had an awards ceremony with the FABULOUS candy awards from Reagan over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits!  These awards made my life so easy! All I had to do was print, laminate, fill out, and tape the candy!  She is so creative, so make sure that you browse through her blog!  I also wrote the kids a sentimental letter (the tears started here) and gave them freeze pops to take home and freeze.  The children were appreciative (doesn't always happen) and were full of thanks!
These are what I put together!  For a better look, check out Reagan's blog linked above!
"2nd Grade was cool because you were in my class!"  The penguin was my husband's idea!

Even though the year was challenging, had it's ups, downs, and in-betweens, it was a wonderful and VERY successful year!  We got through all of the 2nd grade MA and CC standards, and some 3rd grade ones, too!  The children transformed into mathematicians, scientists, explorers, authors, illustrators, and great friends.  I will miss them all, but they'll just be across the hall!  I can't wait to meet my next class, the class of 2024!
That's all she wrote!  It looks so bare and depressing. =(

*Check back soon for more posts on my ball chairs, behavior management, and back to school (yes, I said it, back to school! I can't wait!)!


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