Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throw Back Thursday!

July is almost over!! So in honor of school about a month away and throw back Thursday, I figured I'd post one of my favorite doors.  I changed up the idea that I found on Pinterest (Gotta love Pinterest)!  I used it half way through the year during my first year, and then last year, I decided it was how I wanted to start the first day of school.  Before my new little cherubs entered their new classroom, we stood outside and we read the door!  I explained to them that in my classroom, they could be anything that they wanted to, all that they had to do was try.  I am starting this school year off the same way.  The set that I made is on my school computer, so I decided to make a new one which you can grab HERE!  My plan is to print them out (like I did for the one above) and spray adhesive them to cute scrapbook paper, like some bright chevron or paisley prints, and then laminate them!  This is an after summer school project!  I'll be putting pictures up in a new post when I am done with it and I put it up on my door (Probably 3rd week in August, since that's when I can get into my room)!  What do you use to inspire your students on the first day of school??

I might be crazy, but I can't wait to get back to school and meet my new little cherubs!

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